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China Food Publishing Co.

  • 【About China Food Publishing Co.】

    China Publishing Co. was founded in 1970s in Beijing. It is ministered by China General Chamber of Commerce and sponsored by Beijing Academy of Food Science. It is the largest cluster of academic/public journals related to food. Meanwhile, four websites are operated to provide authors and readers with food-related .information.

    【About Beijing Academy of Food Sciences】

    Beijing Academy of Food Sciences (BAFS) is a comprehensive food research organization integrating scientific research, inspection, training, environmental protection, achievement transformation and journal publishing. The permanent divisions of BAFS are National Meat Processing Engineering & Technology Research Center, National Meat Products Quality Supervision and Inspection Center, Beijing Municipal Food Quality Supervision and Inspection Stations No. 2 and 3, Beijing Municipal Tea Quality Supervision and Inspection Station, the Chair Organization of National Livestock Products Processing Committee, the Soybean Processing Branch and Meat Processing Branch of National Agricultural Products Processing R&D Center, the Brewing Branch of Industrial Microbiological Central Station of China Committee for Culture Collection of Microorganisms, the Techn ical R&D Center of China Condiment Industrial Association, a postgraduate education station, Environment Impact Assessment Centre for Construction Projects, and Asian and Pacific Meat Scientific and Technical Training Center. All of them play an important role in their respective industries.

    With two R&D divisions, an inspection center, an environmental engineering division and China Food Publishing Co. as the business entities and with a training division and an industrial division as the base, BAFS is engaged in both basic and applied research in food science, product development, food inspection, environmental engineering assessment, training of domestic and foreign food technologists, and so on.

    BAFS taking “first class at home and well-known internationally” as its prospective blueprint and embracing the value of “Innovation is the soul, and talents are the base” got every research project under control and won one victory after another due to having a research team with complete professional structure and reasonable classification and allocation. The academy has undertaken key scientific projects supported by the Ministry of Science and Technology and provincial or ministerial levels of key scientific projects. Our researchers have successively coped with many crucial technical difficulties with common features in the fields of processing technology, fermentation engineering, equipment research and development, wastewater treatment, and so on.

    BAFS always regards social responsibility as the momentum driving itself forward with an initiative of responding to various social breaking events and has successfully accomplished a variety of national tasks, including Beijing Olympic Games, the 60th National Day celebrations, food safety inspection and special food supplement during multiple national large-scale political meetings with outstanding contributions to ensuring national food safety.

    With a focus on researching key technologies with common features, BAFS will keep continuous improvement in future, and make basic and prospective contributions to promoting the integrated construction of production, teaching and research and accelerating the progress of food industrial technologies.

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